by SeidrSound

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released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


SeidrSound Munich, Germany

SeidrSound aka Philip Lipsky is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Munich, Germany. This Project features the sounds from Voice, Overtone Chant, Irish Bouzouki, Didgeridoo, Overtone Flute and Percussion, telling stories of life and mystery. ... more

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Track Name: Circulation
Never stop to enjoy what elates you
fall in love with the people around you
worlds are shaped in your
always looking for something you can't get
pushing hands of a clock that you can't set
stop that circulation

life goes on
no matter what
you decide to see

Rock the bricks of the walls that constrain you
dare to look at the memories that shock you
build your world a solid
always looking for something you can't get
pushing hands of a clock that you can't set
stop that circulation

time moves on
and friends stay friends
no matter what will be
Track Name: Gypsy Queen
long black hair,
a smile so fair,
her eyes know what I've seen

her hands have touched
the stars up there
a place we've never been
my gypsy queen

her feet start dancing
in the night
when fiddles start to sing

our souls awake
and take their flight
take a ride, a dream
my gypsy queen

and the world awakes now...
Track Name: Help me now
feel the world is turning fast
where we are supposed to last
watch out for the ones in fear
why are we helpless and disappear?

help me now, love me now
I don't know what to say/like the games they play
help me now, love me now
send those demons away

when the world is closing in
and it seems that they may win
watch out for the ones in pain
give them a reason to keep on sayin

are we really lonesome
when we feel left and forlonr
we are sacred and wholesome
when the day will be reborn
try to be silent, silent and wakeful
when blaming arrows enter your mind
focus, focus and carry
love to the lonely states of your mind
Track Name: Glitter for Gold
people can't stop killing
the planet and themselves
worshipping their television
hiding in their shells
their wind of the future
has never been so cold
on and on they take
glitter for gold

people can't stop dying
for glory and for fame
torturing their bodies
playing the corporate game
their joy, laughter and happiness
has long ago been sold
just because they keep on taking
glitter for gold

mesmerized and greedy they have
sold their souls so long ago
hold, behold, it's glitter not gold
on and on they come and go
one by one they fall
Track Name: Hold you tight
Don't cry for money, don't cry for love
there's no hell below us, no heaven above
sorrow's gonna bring up a fight
but I hold you (tight)

tight, when there's really nothing
nothing left to say, and we are
on our way away, away

we sail across
galaxies and stars, when the moment
covers all of us, of us

I know, one day
I will have to go
but I want you all to

tight, when contribution
of friends has gone away, and we sit
at sorrow's stormy bay, the bay

I say, nobody
can ever keep us down, cuz we are
children of the sun, the sun
Track Name: Desert Dust
Desert dust is telling stories
snakes crawl through the land
I think I saw the princess
dancing naked in the sand
people never came here
but she reached out for my hand
I think I saw the princess
dancing naked in the sand

Many men have walked this earth
and many are to come
when will spirits lead us
to one place under the sun?
Many wars and battles
have been fought on desert land
when will we learn to open
our minds and understand?

Many friends have walked this earth
and walked here by my side
who are the ones that left before
who are the ones that hide?
I call them whistling melodies
as often as I can
I call them whistling melodies
all through out the land
Track Name: Take my Hand
take my hand
we'll make our stand
noone will break us apart
the ones we meet
are people we need
to learn how to heal a broken heart

have you ever looked ahead
and seen, what future awaits?
have you ever walked the road
of you dreams, your songs, you soul?

have you ever felt alive,
when energy entered you mind?
have you gazed up at a star
while all the others went to war?
Track Name: Guided Meditation
close your eyes and picture
that you walk a mountain road
breathe and feel the summer air
in a relaxing mode
breathe and feel the summer air
in flowers and in grass
all the thoughts, that fill your mind
let them calmly pass

close your eyes and picture
that you walk up to a tree
take your time and calmly
touch his bark and take a seat
take your time and calmly
feel the sun shine through the air
there's a river flowing by
and wind is in your hair

close your eyes and picture
all the elements unite
mother earth beneath you
water, wind and warming light
mother earth beneath you
lets your roots go deep and see
wherever you may ever roam
you'll find serenity
Track Name: Mountain Song
silently a mountain looks at me
feels like I've been sitting here
for a hundred years

decently he's talking to me
of memories so long ago
full of joy and tears

joyfully the birds sing in their trees
high up on the mountain top
down in the veil

silently a mountain talks to me
I listen to his stories
his words, his fairytale
Track Name: Walk away
the right to know where we should go
is on all our minds
cry for freedom on and on for they will know what they have done
and soon they all know what's right

prepare your mind and soon you'll find
what all the world wants you to feel
cry for joy and liberty when noone else can honestly be
closer, closer to see

and we walk, we walk
yes we walk far away
so far, far away
we walk far away
from everything they told us to consume
from everything they told us to consume

they call your name and spirits lead you further in
to vision and all that lies beyond
cry your songs into the night for someone will be passing by
and call, call and respond