by SeidrSound

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released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SeidrSound Munich, Germany

SeidrSound aka Philip Lipsky is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Munich, Germany. This Project features the sounds from Voice, Overtone Chant, Irish Bouzouki, Didgeridoo, Overtone Flute and Percussion, telling stories of life and mystery. ... more

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Track Name: Temporarily
temporarily we fade away
when we ain't got nothing to say
we are hunter, we are prey
we love and betray
when circumstances fall apart
we loose ourselves, we loose our heart
we play the game, we play our part
in a house of cards

they know when we
ain't got the power flowing
to set our spirit free

temporarily we loose our way
when we can't listen when they say
we are guardian if we may
follow you today
when circumstances rise up high
we cannot stop or justify
we way we laugh,the way we cry
the love that we hide
Track Name: Who We Are
Feel free to be
anything that you ever wanted
mushroom in bloom
magic to open up your head

and we know who we are
when we look up to the stars
and our songs
carry us into the secrets of the night
and we know who we are
when we reach out for the stars
and we keep our weapons by our side

feel these old trees
watching this earth for such a long time
hear these stories
mountains you still have yet to climb
Track Name: Where are the Shamans?
Do you know what we have to foresee
to know what to do when we feel our fear
our fear of corruption, greed, poverty
where are the ones who help us to heal

where are the shamans who walk the street
help people get back on their feet

do you know when we have to give in
and make ourselves appreciate our kin
then all our sisters come, time is right
then all our brothers will stand and fight

we count five, six, seven billion men
unwilling to fight cuz war's at an end
hold me my sister, come take my hand
hold me my brother, we'll make our stand
Track Name: Wooden Door
help me now, help me see
what this world can give to us
what these times need from us
for living peacefully

help me now, help me breathe
the air that gives the energy
to see the things we need to see
hidden underneath

keep passing by, by my wooden door
knock and I'll let you in
this world will help us understand
cruelty of men
and I say bye, bye my wooden door
you helped me not to see
one tribe, one family

help me now set me free
to help, create and educate
love, caress and meditate
in serenity
Track Name: Close to Open
I close to open, a new day begins
I close to open like clouds in the wind
I stand on he doorstep, a new world ahead
I close to open new doors in my head

My friend, I wish to write you
cuz soon we'll meet again
I never meant to hurt you
I blinded in the end
now with my eyes open
I treasure what I found
and like the bridges over troubled water
I will lay me down

My friend, I wish to tell you
life's a changin' thing
I never meant to scare you
with troubles I havve seen
now I feel mother earth
spinin' round and round
and like the bridges over troubled water
I will lay me down
Track Name: Ride On
chaos got me flyin'
chaos got me down
chaos got me anything
to write this song
it tells me
Ride On

Spirits got me cryin
spirits got me strong
spirits got me wandering
on this road so long
thay tell me
Ride On
Spirits keep on telling me
Ride On

People got me lovin
people got me mad
people once took everything
that I ever had
Oh, so wrong
Spirits keep on telling me
Ride On
Spirits keep on telling me
Ride On
Track Name: Love the World
take these dreams and walk
dance with me in laughter and in tears
they fall and talk
in serenity and fear

I wanna love the world
it all came down on me
why are we
so caged in wrong morality
I wanny love the world

take these dreams and fly
fly with me until we rtouch the sky
and close your eyes
let music take us high
Track Name: Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you wherever you may go
Freedom be upon you, time will let you know
that we are the ones that had to come
peace be upon you wherever you may roam

and I see the eyes
of seven billion people and their need to rise
for solidarity, I cannot hear their cries
silently they wish for better times
without the need to fight, I say

and I feel the tides
are slowly chaning back to view so calm and wide
I long for better days and better nights
to sleep silently while we got what what we need
without a thing to to worry about